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About Us

  • A place to buy. Get nearly anything you need or want at prices better than you can find in traditional brick-and-mortar or even online stores. the careful consumer can always come out ahead.
  • A website. There is no physical marketplace store. Founded in Austrlia but now operated from several cities, marketplace's service exists entirely online, and all aspects of business other than the delivery of bought and sold items themselves are typically handled through the Marketplace,

  • Free for buyers and inexpensive for sellers. It costs nothing to become an marketplace member, to shop for goods, or to purchase goods from selles. Sellers pay a minimal amount to item for sale, and another small percentage of the value when an item is sold. There are no monthly fees or other hidden costs.

  • Green. marketplace is has proven to be a boon to the environment. Millions of tons of goods that would otherwise go into landfills or more resource-intensive recycling programs instead find new homes every year thanks to eBay. Some of these goods include consumer electronics items like computer parts and mobile phones that release toxic substances once they're discarded and exposed to the environment.

  • Like the real world in many ways. Just as you'll encounter both honest and dishonest people in the real world, you'll find both honest people and crooks on eBay. Thankfully, marketplace's site includes a selection of tools like the feedback that are designed to help you to remain safe as an eBay member.
  • A place to sell. Whether you're a bix-box retailer or just an average cleaning out your garage, nearly anything you list on Marketplace will sell if you're flexible enough about the price. eBay's global reach can even move unusual items that aren't in demand in your own neighborhood, turning paperweights into cash.

  • A meeting place, not a store. marketplace doesn't actually sell any goods itself. All of the goods on marketplace are sold and delivered by third party sellers that are neither employed by, nor have any other relationship with, marketplaceitself. Instead, marketplace's business is to give entrepreneurs and sellers a place to reach buyers, and to give buyers access to the world's largest collection of things for sale.

  • A place to shop. Because of the immense variety of things that can be found for sale on marketplace, many members have discovered that marketplace is one of the best places in the world to window or comparison shop. The millions of items created by sellers often include photos, description and owner experiences. Because you can see lots of the same item side-by-side in various conditions and know what each one sold or is selling for, eBay gives you insight into the real market value or "street value" of most types of goods around the world.
  • A place to collect. Marketplace, Marketcentral is the world's largest marketplace for rare, discontinued, collectible, or hard-to-find items, no matter what the type or price.